Introducing COINewark: A Community of Organic Intellectuals in Newark

We know.  And, it’s because of our “knowing” that our voices, testimonies, experiences, narratives, identities, politics, visions and bodies are perpetually in danger of subsumption.

Knowing is dangerous for many of us who are read as (non)sense materiality, commodities [and producers of goods], daily burdening the market and state.

Knowing, then, is dangerous, indeed, for non-white non-male non-bourgeois non-straight non-masculine non-native non-American non-polis non-abled bodies: for these bodies are carriers of local knowledges, histories, political struggles, memories, visions, truths that negate negations and  resist structures of dominance.  We know.  We’ve known. We know now.

This blog is a cyber space intended for critical inquiry and problem-solving, community-building and structure-razing, revelation and revolution, remembrance of pasts and imaginings of futurity that takes the city of Newark, New Jersey as its focus.  As a writing/thinking/doing collective, COINewark (A Community of Organic Intellectuals in Newark)  has developed this blog as a site/sight for examining Newark as place, as a medium through which the typified narratives of the urban brickspace can be complicated, and as a storehouse of those knowledges that are transmitted through the various bodies living/surviving in our shared space/place. We believe that theorizing from within presents a necessary challenge to the politics of knowledge production and consumption that occurs without.

As a collective, we seek to accomplish what most text book chapters [whose language and analyses are disconnected from the people, from the ground, from the spirit of this place that some of us call home and others a stop on our longer journeys, that is, Newark] do not, namely, the performing of a personal-political act of resistance: the telling of our stories and providing testimony of experiences! In so doing, we seek to subvert,  resist,  undermine, challenge domains of power that constrict us: our bodies, our minds, our spirits, our pockets and we celebrate, re-imagine, remember, and call into being our selves and our communities

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