Visioning Through Social Media – Rahkim Bryant

By Bryan Epps



Above: Featured Photographer Rahkim Bryant.  

Instagram enables users to “discover — and tell — stories from around the world”. It has become an integral tool for Newarkers; allowing residents and visitors alike to learn about the various ways life can be experienced within the city.

Rahkim Bryant, creator of Wavegod Photography is on the cutting edge of detailing the Newark experience by using “the gram”. His work artfully communicates the quirky contrasts in the city’s natural environment and between its people.  Photographing and filming for 6 years now he has no plans of putting down the camera anytime soon! Bryant explains “When I first started photography it was hard because I couldn’t afford equipment, so I learned how to use what I had and I mastered a style called “phoneography”… This is using your phone as a professional camera.

Below are some of his interpretive works (all featured on his Instagram account @wavegodphotography).


“I feel like my work is the eye of Newark. I like to document the good in my city, the small things we don’t look at. This is important because the news always shows the bad of Newark, but yet we have so much art and good people around us.” – Bryant









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